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Thanks for your advise to my goat.  I checked her temperature today and it is 102.2 and I called the vet and they said the test for barber pole worm and liver fluke had to be sent away and was not done (nor suggested to me).  I read one of your answers to someone with the same issue.You suggested she    treat her goat with the safeguard for horses. Could I also use that in case she does have barber pole.  I bought the selenium, vitamin d and e today and ready to give it to her when ever you think she should have it.  She was just injected with selenium on April 1 and not sure if it is too soon to use the human products. I feel like I have been needling her  and forcing  medications down her throat so much I just want to find the right thing to do and start her recovery.

Please see my previous post.  If the weather is very cold then 102.2 could still be a fever.  Is she eating and drinking better today? Would start the barber pole regimen.  Also you need to start her on iron tablets or Geritol tonic - human dosing once a day for 7 days and then every 3rd day and then stop.  Re the selenium, since you did not use vitamin D with the selenium injection the selenium should be through her system within a 7-day time period - at that time you could re dose with the oral.  I try to always use the oral methods first for treatment as they work many times as well as the injectable and it is much less stressful on the goat.  Hope this helps - Donna


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