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QUESTION: Currently milking a LaMancha who is giving 7 quarts of milk daily.  The problem is her teat, mainly the left one, is almost always plugged both in the morning and evening milkings.  Sometimes the plug looks like a skin tag about half the size of a kernel of rice extending from the teat orifice and can easily be removed. Other times the orifice is covered with what almost feels like a scab and has to be peeled off with some discomfort to the goat.  They both come off without blood and she then milks fine. Sometimes the orifice is just partially blocked and will squirt two or three narrow streams of milk from the one orifice. Is there anyway to alleviate this problem?  After milking we spray with fight bac and have tried softening agents on the end of the teat like peppermint loiton and betadine salve to no avail.  Thank you for any advice you may have.

ANSWER: What protein amount is in her grain?  High amounts of protein in some goats create protein buildup at the orifice and/or outside of the teat - a high protein is anything over 16%.  A high fat content can also create "plugs" in the teats.  Let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: I live here in Blackfoot Idaho where all our alfalfa hay is at least 16% or higher in protein content.  Although this years third crop hay has alot of grass in it.  Feed one pound of 3-way with molasses which runs around 12% protein along with half pound of Purina healthy edge strategy, 9%fat per milking.  Have done this for years with nubians and no blockage problems.  Thanks for your help

Thanks for the update.  Every goat is different - certainly could suspect high protein and/or high fat for this doe and that is causing the issue.  Might back her off if you can from the grain, especiall the horse grain with 12.5% protein.  She would be getting 16 plus 12.5 plus 12 % protein every day - a bit on the high side.  Hope this helps.  Donna

PS For Nubians as they tend to give high milk fat that is usually where the extra protein goes to, but I have seen Nubians with fat deposits in their teats too.  


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