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Goats/Blood spots in stool 5 day old kid


QUESTION: Hi, we are bottle feeding twins. Appetite is good, they're even drinking a little water from a bowl.

Poop is normal to soft (not scours), yellow, but the buckling has small spots of blood in his. Is this coccidiosis? Or are some spots normal?

His mother, our darling, treasured baby, passed away due to complications from pregnancy toxemia the day after giving birth so we are hand raising the kids. After such a great loss, we are ever vigilant to anything out of the ordinary. Any help would be appreciated.

ANSWER: Was the mom up on her CDT vaccination before kidding? If not, did the kids receive a CDT vaccination at birth? Yellow diarrhea is enterotoxemia, green coccidiosis, white E. coli and brown digestive upset or bacterial enteritis.  Since the little guy does not have scours/diarrhea though, might still suspect enterotoxemia - all goats, including kid goats hae clostridium bacteria in their systems and any stress, especially to kid goats whose immune system is only starting up so not strong at all, can cause the Clostridium bacteria to multiply and it literally eats away at the digestive tract, which would cause blood - although again most folks only see this when the kid goat has very runny bloody yellow diarrhea.  What type of milk are they receiving?  Some milk replacers - generic lamb or goat - can cause irritation to the digestive tract and also cause bleeding.

To be sure, I would advise giving him 1/2 cc of CDT toxoid (feed stores have this) (use 22 gauge 3/4 inch needle to give intramuscularly in the rear thigh muscle - know it is small but that is why the small needle) and repeat the next day.  Would also start him on a little pepto bismol (just 3 cc - very little - to coat his intestines and tummy) - use a small syringe to give orally - once or twice a day for 2 days.  Would also start him on oral antibiotic - duramycin or terramycin powder - 1/8 tsp twice a day for 2 days - you can usually put this in their bottle as it is not enough to make the taste change - if he does resist the bottle it is because of the taste and I would mix the powder in a little milk and give orally with a little syringe (perhaps 2 or 3 cc mixture).  

So, red/blood spots in poop is not normal for kid goats.  I think you probably are catching this nice and early.  Hope this helps - Donna

PS Would give the other kid goat 1/2 cc of the CDT toxoid vaccination too as a precaution.  

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: He's been on Manna Pro Kid Milk. I have the CDT, but no needles that size so need to get some. Such a little guy! I read I should get them off the milk replacer onto whole milk. In the meantime it said to give them:

The best way to change from replacer to milk is:

Mix up a quart of any good livestock electrolyte mix (I prefer Vi-Tal) But any good MILKLESS electrolyte powdered solution will work  (read the ingredients) , ( or in a pinch you can use gatorade, pediolyte or  sports drink) , add to each bottle 2 pumps of  goat nutri-drench (or equivalent) and a  tsp of molasses or corn syrup to each bottle for energy.

This will be a 4 day feeding process:

    Day 1- use this exclusively in all bottles

Is this something I should do? Or stick with Manna Pro and some pepto?

I'm terrified of doing something wrong now. Losing the mother was devastating.

Thanks for the update.  I generally advise use of a multispecies milk replacer - easiest on the kid goats.  the kid milk replacer does work but many times it is mixed too strong for a kid goat's system so you have to adjust - with that said - I would think this is more the beginning of enterotoxemia.  You could dilute the kid milk replacer a little, perhaps use 1/8 to 1/4 more water for a day or so.  As soon as you can the CDT toxoid is important to give as it helps the kid's immune system to produce its own antibodies to the Clostridium bacteria.  Would also start the oral antibiotics if at all possible.  Better to be safe in my opinion. I have used cow milk mixed in with milk replacer.  But I advise against the mixtures you see on the internet and the one you show is just too much for a little kid goat's system - would make it worse.  Also Nutri-Drench is something I never give to my kid goats - it has propylene glycol in it (toxic) and it is in there to get the goat to eat - but I have seen too many kid goats of folks getting ill from the use or even dying from the use.  

If the kid goat came down with watery/yellow/bloody diarrhea then you would take it off of milk and use pedialyte type electrolytes to help keep it hydrated.  

Do hope this helps.  Donna


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