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Donna, I am ready to breed a pygmy buck with two pygmy does. This is the first time for all three. I believe the does have been coming into heat, going with the signs of flagging, discharge, and blatting quite a lot. My question is when do I put the buck in with the does, and how long should I keep them together? I made a gated area in the barn that is only 4'x6' for this so they would have close quarters as recommended. Thanks, Bob

When a doe is flagging and she stands for the buck - this is when they are bred.  If you do not want to leave the buck in with the does then you would have to watch for the signs of standing heat and then bring them together.  If the buck breeds/services the doe 2 or 3 times - can happen as fast as 30 minutes - then you can separate them.  I generally leave the doe in with the buck for overnight to be sure.  Hope this helps - Donna


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