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Just in the past week or so when straining the milk from my LaMancha it is plugging up the milk filters so that the milk won't filter through without changing it or repeatedly rinsing it.  Has never done this in the past.  Yhe Nubian milk we tried filtering separately and it goes through fine.  The LaMancha is 9 weeks out on her milking.  The residue in the filter is white and globular like cream.  Have done several mastitis tests with all the results being negative, no noticeable thickening or gelling. Any hints on what to do or what it is or how to  turn the filtering back into a five minute job instead of 20 minutes.  Thank you

It is probably fat or protein that is clogging the filters - if she is on a high protein diet - 18% protein can easily create too much protein in some does so that she does not use all the protein given and so it is left over in the milk.  The other item  could be that she is not drinking enough water so is slightly dehydrated.  Hope this helps - Donna


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