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Hi Donna , again i learn my lessen the hard way . I have been feeding a few potatoe peels all winter to my goats , and a week ago stopped because of the warming weather , which made it hard to keep them fresh . I went a couple days ago and cleaned out a feeder and just threw the contents on the ground , mostly half rotten peels , not giving it another thought . Yesterday was barn cleaning day so being nice i let my girls all out in the inner encloser . I brought everyone in at supper , and after milking i noticed one goat was off by herself laying down which at feeding time was unusal . I decided to put her in a pen by herself and she picked at her food . I just put it off as mayby a cold or something . Through the night she had severe diarriah , and died . Took  a while to figure out what happened , and a friend who has discouraged me on these peelings mentioned the peels . I went and checked where the old peels had been dumped and sure enough most were gone . Put 2 and 2 together and you have your answer which i'm glad i found out . If i had of found out early enough what could i have done to save her ? I know this is hind sight but just in case something like this ever happens again . Lambs kill dosn't even act as quick as these potatoes . Thankyou .

Potato peels, especially ones with green spots on them are toxic to all livestock - some goats can tolerate a little but others cannot.  Sorry for the loss.  If you think a goat is poisoned you can start them on milk of magnesia - large amounts to cleanse out their system along with plenty of electrolytes to also keep them hydrated but also cleanse out their system.  I have found a product - don't know if I told you about it before - it is called BioSponge - made by Platinum horse products - made for horses - it is an oral medication that is given and it literally soaks up toxins and bacteria in the horse's gut - and it does the same in a goat's - I have used it in poison intake situations, enterotoxemia, E. coli, and other intestinal illnesses with great success.  You can purchase this online - it is a tube - about $12 - dosage is 1/2 inch per 15 pounds of body weight - given every 4 hours for at least two doses.  

Green tomatoes, potato leaves, rhubarb all are as toxic as the potato peels too.  

Hope this helps - Donna


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