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I have a goat kid that has had his issues from the start.  Abandoned at birth, diarrhea from e-coli... finally he seemed to have made a full recovery.

He's been fine in the little pen with one other goat and our pig.  Yesterday morning he presented with very watery brown diarrhea.  I've been giving him fluid and electrolytes (fortunately he remembers what a bottle is)  I do know that two days before a friend fed for me and fed the pig food to the goats. I dont know if this has anything to do with it.  He appears to be in fine spirits (maybe a little under the weather), but is eager to eat and is on the chubby side(not bloated).  The only things I find online point to coccidia.  I had purchased some Corid at tractor supply but I don't know if I should give him the treatment dosage or the preventive one or not at all.  If I treat him just in case will it hurt if it isn't coccidia?
Corid is the only cocci treatment I have been able to get.  I know there are others out there.  
Also I do have uniprim antibiotic which is trimethoprim and sulfadiazine is this something i could give
I havent been able to get a hold of a vet as of yet.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  


Okay, so white diarrhea is E. coli, green diarrhea is coccidiosis, yellow diarrhea is enterotoxemia, and brown diarrhea is either bacterial or just stomach upset.  If all you hav is the Uniprim, that could work for many of the above items, but this is something for horses and not other livestock so figuring out a dose is tricky.  Eating pig food is absolutely a no, no for all goats and especially kid goats.  Corid is fine for coccidiosis but if there is not green diarrhea then it is not coccidiosis (all goats have coccidia in their systems so even if a vet does a fecal study he may find coccidia, but not in numbers high enough to cause diarrhea).  I might suspect this is just intestinal upset, and would treat with pepto bismol (human type) at one tablespoon per 15 pounds body weight every 2 to 4 hours for two doses.  I would also use some of the Uniprim (if that is all you have available) at 1/8 teaspoon of the powder and I would mix this in the peptobismol - this antibiotic would be given twice daily for 5 days.  I would hope you would see improvement by the end of the day.  Let me know - Donna

PS the sufadiazine in the Uniprim would also treat coccidiosis anyway.  


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