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Why so some resources tell you to use valbezen dewormer at a rate of 1cc per 10 pounds of body weight and others say to use 1cc per 25 pounds of body weight?

I do not advise use of Valbazen as a goat dewormer.  I advise use of oral horse wormers - Zimectrin and Safeguard are the brand names - you use this wormer once every 2 months and then switch between the two every 2 months - you use twice the goat's weight to find the dosage on the plunger and put the lock on it and give orally.  They keep well in the refrigerator if needed.  They take care of all of the different stomach worms usually very well.  As to the dosing of the Valbazen, dosing at the higher rate is always suggested for goats as their metabolism is so fast, much faster than other livestock.  Hope this helps - Donna


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