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Hello Donna, we decided that our goat needed to see the vet after conversing with you. (Thank you by the way) it turns out that it is a dislocated shoulder, which just like you the vet was very surprised to find. The vet 're set it and she will remain in a sling for two weeks. We will keep our fingers crossed that it stays in place. We have no idea how she could have done that in her pin. The vet did say that she is a little under weight.... which she was even more so when we first got her. What do you suggest as the "perfect" diet for a goat? We've only been goat owners for a year and are still figuring it all out. We originally purchased them to help with our grass control on our 16 acre mac nut/coffee farm.in addition to the grass and other greens they eat we feed them twice a day. The feed we use is Nutrena Nature Wise Premium Grain Feed.
Crude Protein...min 8% Crude Fat...min 2% Crude Fiber...max 8% Ash...max 4%. However she isn't very fond of it. She didn't get any feed before we got her. Thanks again for your time and all the great info.

Thanks for the update - glad you have a diagnosis for her discomfort.  Re feeding - I use a general livestock pelleted feed that has a 14% protein along with vitamins and minerals in it - most all goats like this - most all feed/farm stores have this type of feed.  To gain weight a goat should have 5 to 6% of its total body weight in feed a day and of that 1/4 to 1/3 of that should be in grain.  Hope that helps.  Donna


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