QUESTION: Hi Donna , tonight no change accept was able to get a whole cc of penicillin in the teat and massage it in . It did stay . Tomorrow i will try a cc and a half . i have pretty much took her off grain now . Tonight after much debating in my mind i posted this story on  facebook , a site i belong to called Goats in Yarmouth . Its not to lay blame but to educate people in a positive way . The story was to show them what happens when you don't do your research , and shows the suffering these animals indure because of that lack of knowledge . Hopefully the administration will post it . After i seen this , it has struck a chord with me and if i can get people to use these resources that are out there and save 1 goat it will have been worth it . I mentioned this site as i will mention a few more like Fias . com . Any ways i can tell you this girl hates needles , and i am so afraid of a repeat like santanna , hitting a vein , i do check of course . I go from one back leg to the other to the neck and then the other side , which gives the original site 4 days to recover . Thanks again for your support

ANSWER: I think it is good for people to hear perhaps what they know happens but don't want to really know happens.  I sometimes say things like "really!", "you're doing what?" - I try to be nice but sometimes people have got to understand the stupid things they do to animals.  

You know, most goats hate needles, using the 20 gauge 3/4 inch needles for intramuscular injections seems to make it much easier - I usually have the goat in a milk stand and then lift up the rear leg I'm going to use and do the deed, sometimes there's a big jump.  I never use the neck muscle as it is so small.  I decided a long time ago that the key to taking care of illness most times is penicillin and so I learned long ago to just do the deed.  I once had a filly that was given to us that had a huge back abscess - the vet came out to clean the abscess out and for the next 60 days that horse had 100 cc of penicillin every day - I learned just to do it and get it over with - of course, the horse never liked me after that, always turned it's butt away from me when I came near it!  Ha, ha.  But it got better.  Take care - Donna

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QUESTION: Hi Donna , today is the first day i have actually seen any indication of pain , a bit of yawning and jumpy on the stand when i am working on the teat . I actually found one of my infusions from last summer , and was able to put half of that in there , this is the real stuff from a site that sells mastitis stuff . Good news is i truly believe the teat at least is starting to soften up a little bit , still pink as is the udder . My responce to the pain , a theory , that i believe the udder has been so hard it problely has been a bit numb , and now that it is starting to give way the pain is going to come . I have actiminafin extra strength , is this ok , no codine ? One kid is going to a trusted friends with one other that the mom is haveing a hard time feeding two . I have been putting salve , and heat twice a day , which she actually enjoys . O how much of the acitaminifin , and how many times ? thanks .

Nice update - your theory of the teat and the response to pain certainly sounds correct.  Re acetaminophen - only aspirin is really accetapble for goats - other human pain meds should not be given.  Aspirin is what I use whenever there is pain, inflammation, fever or swelling - you cannot overdose on the aspirin - the aspirin also decreases the inflammation and so also opens up the tissues.  Hope this helps - Donna


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