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we have a two day old kid that a great dane got ahold of.  There was a small flesh wound and no other visable injuries but he is breath really heavy.  Could he just be hurting and is there anything that I can give him to relieve any pain. what should I look for with no visable injuries. The dog didnt shake him but was carrying the kid in his mouth.  The kid is walking and talking and has had a bowel movement and urinated.  We have called a vet but the closest large animal vet is hours away.

The heavy breathing - possibly even fast is from the stress/anxiousness after being held by the dog.  It's good there are no visible injuries, but internal injuries are possible if the dog squeezed the goat.  Would watch and wait - would keep the goat kid in the house with you if possible - start on bottle also if possible.  Are you near any sort of store that carries homeopathic remedies?  If so Arnica Montana would be great to give - this is for trauma.   Could give 1/4 of a human 325 aspirin - crushed and dissolved in a little hot water and given orally, BUT, if there is internal bleeding this would not be good.  Watch for swelling of the body in places.  If there is difficulty breathing a rib fracture could have happened.  At this point, keeping the little one quiet and watching them would be my suggestion.  Hope this helps - Donna


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