Hi Donna, I just found an answer you gave someone else about treating mange. You said that Injectable Ivermectin doesnot work on goats and to use Zimmectrin horse wormer instead.
I am confused, they are both ivermectin based. So why doesn't the injectable work? Thanks for the tip on how to measure a dosing.

Hi there - just sent a note re starting her on the livestock dust and also treating for skin infection.  The oral horse wormer Zimectrin kills the mange mites from inside out if they are chronic or severe.  Sometimes the dust is all that is needed.  Yes, both the injectable and Zimectrin have the 1.87% ivermectin, the issue is that injectables go quickly through the goat as they have fast metabolisms and as such they do not do their job well.  The oral cream goes through their system slowly so works better.  Even using the injectable ivermectin as an oral dosing, its consistency is such that it goes through the goat's system fast too.  The cream sits and works slowly.  

If you do decide to go with the oral horse wormer Zimectrin you use twice their body weight to find the dosing on the plunger and then you put the lock above that point.  You cannot overdose with the Zimectrin and it is always better to go a little more than less.

Let me know - Donna


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