QUESTION: Hi Donna , you remember maple , the little one that got forced off her food by the others way back in Dec . Well she for a long time stablelized , but always stayed a finikey eater , and has never put any weight on . I was hopeing that getting her outside would help and she likes her browse . This morning she is in a bit of pain teeth grinding , and a bit of foam in her mouth , comes and goes , almost as if she were suffering from entrotoximea . I noticed  2 weeks ago she had rather pale gums , so i wormed for everything including cocidia . To me this looks as if she has a chronic stomach problem , that flares up every so often , and because of lack of food she either can't produce the vitamins that build blood , or theres an underlying medical issue , liver problem , may even be diabetis . If i thought i could save her i would continue with some kind of treatment , but i believe it is chronic and to allow her to suffer any longer the humane thing to do is put her down . One question , Niacine human kind , is this a blood builder . If she by any chance improves by tonight i have niacin , and b 50 complex on hand . I have zinq ,and  A and D injectable . I f i can make something to build her blood with this i will try it for a while . Its a real shame cause she is a real fighter and i know she wants to live , just getting hard on me . Thankyou .

ANSWER: Okay, so the gum color is not really the best place to look for anemia - gum color is more a showing of what the goat's system is doing.  The lower inner eyelids are where you will tell if they are anemic or not - light pink to rosy pink is okay, extremely light pink to white is anemic.  How old is she now?  Enterotoxemia usually is not an issue for goats over 9 months of age, but it can occur rarely.  The teeth grinding and foam would indicate a poison intake/stomach issues symptomatic of ingesting a toxin or poison.  Is she on consistent probiotics and vitamin B complex?  I would do this for any goat with a consistent digestive issue.  Whenever you see foam a course of milk of magnesia to coat their rumen and clean out their system along with a course of the biosponge is in order and usually does the trick.  Unless she was on toxic plants that build up in the liver then liver issues should not be of concern.  Diabetes in goats is rare.  Iron is best for treating anemia and that is my advice.  But you need to deal with what is causing the anemia.  Normal everyday stomach and intestinal worms do not cause anemia.  The barber pole worm causes anemia.  Did you try the Safeguard horse wormer given using three times her weight to find the dosage on the plunger and this is given once a week for three weeks along with use of human iron to help replace blood cells.  Were you ever able to get the biosponge? You can also try a homeopathic remedy called Nux vomica - sounds terrible doesn't it?  This remedy sometimes can help "reset" the goat's intestinal system and I have used it for just that in the past.  It is usually a very quick fix and you see improvement within days if it is going to help.  Any supplement/natural food stores around you?  Let me know - Donna

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Donna , This morning on the off chance , it may help , she got a zantac and probios mixed in banana , she also got a shot of la 200 . This afternoon i went to get her and her goat pal  , and noticed she was eating about everything in sight . The only plant i see there is those swamp brambles , which they nibble on but rarely eat to much of it . She however has been eating this , so i moved them to an encloser that has some nice 6 inch long grass and shes been eating all day . I'm not going to put her down , just get disscouraged sometimes . Checked the inner eyelids light pink a bit better than the lips . I'll start her back on the b complex and probios tonight , and have to get iron tuesday . Her poop has always been normal , just something not right with her gut . The biosponge i found on amazon and will order some as soon as finances come along . There are health stores around , so i'll look into that too . Also the teeth grinding and frothing have stopped . Beautiful weather here nice and warm with a nice cool breeze from the north , almost hear the green growing , yahoo , less , less hay .

Thanks for the update.  Glad you dosed her up - it can never hurt and sounds like this certainly helped her a lot.  Would like to know what the "swamp brambles" look like - horse tail, skunk cabbage, and many other plants that grow near water are toxic to goats.  Glad you found the biosponge available.  None of our feed/farm stores carry the biosponge and that's why I order it online.  So glad to hear she is better and eating better - very nice - Donna


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