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QUESTION: Hi Donna , the word has got around that i will take ailing goats , and a person has asked to take her goat who has what sounds like mastitis . Let me fill you in , i'm sure you will be horrified as i was am . She tells me last year her goat got mastitis so bad she collasped and almost died . A local farmer gave her some medicine and after a couple of weeks the doe seemed fine . She eventually dried her up and the udder looked fine , so she bred her . 19 days late the doe freshened about 5 days ago . Both sides of the udder looked fine but one teat did not fill up with milk .2 days ago the teat finally filled up but no milk . She tells me the teat was as hard could be and squeezing as hard as she could did not produce milk . She said she went online and found out about infusions , and decided to improvise , this is where it gets scary . She tells me she took a piece of coat hanger and steralized it and pushed it up about three inches into the teat . She said it felt as if something gave at about 1 inch AWWWW !! Anyways i can't get to this doe till tomorrow morning , she tells me the udder and teat are severely swollen . My plan at this point is a teat infusion of penicillan with the proper tool , and 8 cc of real penicillan as an injection . The doe does have 2 kids on her remaining good teat , these i have purchased to keep with mom , should i keep the kids off her during treatment ? A good old friend of mine tells me because of the invasion to her teat with medel this could go south real quick . If there is anything else i can do here to save this doe please tell me . Right now i'm limited to pennicillan and vitamins , perhaps hot compresses to open up the orifice . Thanks O the doe at this point she tells me is appearing to be feeling fine eating drinking and looking after her kids .

ANSWER: Again, you are a great person.  You're right, that's scary!  Okay so it sounds like your plan is great - if the kids are old enough to wean I would do that to give the doe a rest - they may be too old to get on bottles at this point.  Sounds like this doe has a chronic mastitis and kidding causes it to become acute.  Worst case would be that the udder becomes gangrenous and then long term penicillin as it sloughs off should work well.  But we'll hope that does not happen.  Glad she is eating and drinking and the kids are doing well.  If you can't take the kids off, the penicillin and vitamins would not hurt the kids anyway.  Hope this helps - Donna

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QUESTION: Hi Donna , this morning i met the newest member of my farm , what a beautiful lamancha doe , as friendly as i've ever seen tail a wagging just to be petted , and what a shame on this udder . I have never seen an udder thios infected . It is as hard as cement and the teat is almost as hard . Very swollen and red , very hot . The other side is fine . I gave an infusion of penicillan and tried to massage it in but most came out . I have some teat plugs , should i use one of these to keep it in ? The kids are only 5 days old little jewels , but one is not getting much milk so i'm going to bottle feed it . The other is nurseing the good teat but i think they are trying to nurse the bad teat which is really painful for her , so i believe i should take this kid from her also , for her own safety . I can put them in side by side pens , i really hate seperating them but i don't think theres any other choice . Now as for the mastitis , how can i lossen up this goo thats in there so i can actually milk it out , if thats even possible ? She weighs about 130 pounds so is 8 cc twice a day enough ? Really want to save this doe she is a gem , its a shame people don't take better care of them . Thanks

ANSWER: Yes, so sad that folks do not care better for their livestock and I think goats get the worst of it for some reason.  I would also advise taking the kids off and bottle feeding, especially at this young age.  Would use the teat plugs - good idea.  Re the penicillin - yes, would use 8 cc twice a day injectable penicillin.  It is possible that this mastitis may need LA200/oxytetracycline - but would start with the penicillin and then change in 10 days if you do not see any improvement.  Use of softened cabbage leaves (heat in hot water until softened) and placing them on that side of the udder as a compress (as hot as your hands can stand it), for a few minutes until they cool and do this 3 to 5 times a day if possible.  Use of peppermint lotion as a massage also helps to open up the tissues of the udder.  Do hope this helps.  Donna

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QUESTION: Hi Donna , this morning there is a noted improvement in the color of the infected side and now is pink instead of red , actually the whole udder is better looking . She seemed in less pain today , but that teat is rock hard as is the udder , when i say rock hard squeeze a rock may be softer . There was a bit of blood weaping from the infected side , i believe from the insertion of the coat hanger and yesterday the insertion of the infusion . Its very hard to get anything in there but i got a cc of pen and massaged till it worked in . I need to understand this , do masticit udders get this hard , never seen this bad before . She is in real good spirits and so far i've left the kids there , but i know tomorrow i'll have to move at least one . They seem to know which teat to pick on . I will supliment the milk tonight . I gave her 4 selinium 100 mg a piece and b50 and probiotics . 2 things , a very educated goat farmer , rancher acres , advised me of these things , which i will run by you . She said also give her 30cc cider vin diluted with water , also asprin according to weight , vitamin c , she told me all this will help break up the mastitis or congestion . At this point i've never actually seen anything coming out accept a little blood and very little . Heres the biggy , she said i could give her 1 quater cc of oxytosin which scares the heck out of me . I really need your help here and ultimately it is your advice i will follow . Couldn't find peppermint savlf anywhere , will a bit of teatry oil mixed with minerl oil help massaged in .? Alot of questions , this girl is gorgeous and i really want to save her no matter what . Thanks , and her name is peanut .

Unfortunately this sounds more like an infection that is going gangrenous - very hard - although in most cases the color is not pink but turns to a purple and then gray and then black and then sloughs off - with that said though the teat being rock hard sounds like that is the way it might go - but that does not mean you would lose the doe, continued penicillin injectable would keep the infection at bay in the rest of the body.  Re selenium - that needs to be ten of the 200 mcg tablets crushed and dissolved in a little hot water along with all the oil from a 1000 IU vitamin E capsule and all the oil from an 800 IU vitamin D capsule, otherwise that selenium will do nothing to help her.  I take it the B50 is a complex and contains thiamine - she would need four times the human dose twice a day for it to help her.  Probiotics of course with any antibiotic therapy.  The cider is in my opinion an old wive's tale and I have never seen it work for anything.  Aspirin is 325 mg human aspirin per 100 pounds body weight every 4 hours for pain and inflammation - also needs to be crushed and dissolved.  Vitamin C is another "person's" thought - it increases the immune system but not much else.  Re the Oxytocin - no, I would advise against that - it would hit the uterus and not anything else - not sure where this person is coming from.  Re the peppermint lotion - I use peppermint oil - can be the cooking type - mixed into human body lotion - 8 drops to 2 cups of lotion.  The cabbage leaves really works, as does the peppermint lotion.  Would suspect that the teat is hard due to a very bad infection - coat hanger type.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna

Forgot to say the only reason for selenium/E/D would be to increase her own immune system, but that can be done with zinc (human dose) and vitamin D (5,000 units) twice a day.  


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