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I have been emailing questions about our milking doe who is drying up quickly and not eating well/losing weight.  The goat magic we have been using contains molasses (about 1-2 tlbsp, 2-3 tblsp corn syrup, 2-3 tlsp corn oil.)  I have been diluting this with about 24 oz of warm water.  Usually she licks the bowl clean.  I'm concerned that she eats so very little that she doesn't have much of her own body reserves to draw from.  SHould I continue that "goat Magic"?

So you have started her on the penicillin, vitamin B complex orally and probiotics? If she is not eating I would start her on an oral mash - in a blender put rabbit alfalfa type pellets (about 1/2 cup) to 1 cup of mixed human hot oatmeal cereal and to that you can add vitamins, probiotics, whatever you like, including molasses or karo syrup.  Mix well so that you can givbe this as an oral drench if she will not eat it herself.  Would give this four times a day to keep her rumen functioning while we are hoping that the penicillin is taking care of a possible infection.  What color are her lower inner eyelids? Let me know-Donna


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