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Goats/milking doe drying up and not eating well


QUESTION: Our milking doe kidded on Feb 16 and is a heavy producer.  After about a week, her milk began to decrease.  We have wormed her twice (1-2 days after kidding and then repeat in 11 days)  She has had a round of pencillin/yogurt (to keep her rumen going)  She has had selenium a couple of days ago, and it was suggested that she be on vitamin a,b, d, and e.  She appears that her fur is fluffed up and today it has been warmer--70 degrees. We have even given her the goat magic just to get calories in her.  The last week, she has drank the goat magic diluted in warm water. ( about 3 cups of water)  We have done that a couple of times a day.  Tonight she refused to take anything.  I just don't know what else to try.  She has basically completely dried up her milk---which at this point is my least concern.  Any suggestions or ideas?

ANSWER: What is her temperature?  Anything over 102.5 would indicate an infection, and I would suspect an intrauterine infection.  Not sure what the goat magic is, if it contains propylene glycol would not continue giving that to her.  Would start her on vitamin B complex - human type is fine - at four times the human dose twice a day until she is eating well again - this contains thiamin which she needs to keep her from getting a secondary illness of poliomyencephalacia.  You need to crush the tablets and dissolve in a little hot water, cool and give orally.  I would start her back on penicillin at 3 cc per 100 pounds body weight twice a day for 5 days.  Would also start her on probiotics again.  Is she peeing and pooping?  The fluffed up fur can be from fever and chills.  Let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: She seems to be going pee and poop.  I will double check her temp.  She hadn't been running one.   Even if she is without a fever, should I start her on pencillin.   Can penicillin be given orally to goats or injection only?  Yogurt for probiotics?  Thank you so much!

I would advise starting the penicillin as soon as possible, even without a fever.  Injectable regular penicillin is best.  Oral just does not cut it for adult goats.  Yogurt for probiotics is great.  B complex vitamins is also a must.  Let me know - Donna


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