Hi Donna , still not a lot of change again today , although she seems very alert and actually happy . The swelling appears to have subsided some , udder is still very hard , but i have been applying heat and massageing , which she seems to enjoy . This new infusion is a bigger tube but was able to put the prescribed doseage , half , in the teat and it stayed , so some progress is being made as the first infusion mayby a cc and that ran out . Totally unrelated question . I am milking off the good teat and i have a goat here ,Annie , who loves milk , an adult . I,ve always given her a bit as a treat , but this is more like 2 cups a couple times a day , will this harm her in any way ? She loves coffey also and will go to great lengths to get the contents from my traveller ,,, lol .

Thanks for the update.  Sometimes it takes weeks for an udder to really improve, but having her seem to be feeling better is a great thing.  Re the milk, not a problem giving it to Annie - it's okay for her.  Re coffee - so funny!  Does she like it black or with cream and sugar - ha, ha.  Keep me posted.  Donna


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