QUESTION: Hi Donna , tomorrow will be the ten days of penicillin , after that its the La 200 , and just to be sure same dose but only once a day , is this correct ?  Her kid i left with her , today seems a bit under the weather , not a lot of interest in drinking milk . Her poop is not runny but very soft and normal color . I'm suspecting that all the antibiotics are translating to the milk , or she has over eat as her sister is,nt here to help her drink all that milk . Unbelievable how much milk this doe has in one side , this morning close to 2 liters . I gave the doeling 10 days old now half a zantac crushed and probiotics mixed in some banana . I know most everyone uses peptol , but I've had a lot of success with the zantac . I was able to get her to drink 3 ounces of milk from a bottle which before wasn't possible . Just a quick update on peanut , her udder is slowly starting to give way , not like squeezing a rock , more like a soft cork now and definitely less swelling . Thats about it , thanks .

ANSWER: Thanks for the update.  Re the LA200 dose is 4.5 cc/100 pounds body weight once a day.  Sounds like indeed the kid's tummy is suffering from all of mom's antibiotics - probiotics is excellent - whichever works best for the goat, Zantac or pepto - does not matter.  Might also think about giving the kid some vitamin D to help with her immune system as the stress the mom's antibiotics are causing on the system she could pick up enterotoxemia.  Glad to hear Peanut's udder is getting softer.  Thanks again for keeping me posted - Donna

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QUESTION: Hi again , yes i should have taken her kid away a couple days ago , i did take one , but hate to take away her babies . I was able to get her to nurse so i think i will take her now , worse comes to worse i can always put her back . Will keep up the probiotics , gave her her selon e shot today , which is just concentrated E vitamin , at least thats my understanding of it , still need to go get the vitamin d . Will injectable A and D work i do have this here .?

I have found over the years that bottle feeding is just so much easier on all - a circus some days - but seems easier in the long run.  But I understand when the doe has had her kids on her already and then taking away - but making the right choice for the kids is the bottom line.  Sounds like you have a plan.  Re the selenium/E injection, so it also needs the D to make it work - injectable A&D is fine.  I get tired of giving injections to kid goats and that is why I went to the oral human selenium/E/D - works as well as injectable and is so much easier on the kids.  But, it is whatever works for you and what you have available to you.  Hope that helps - Donna


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