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QUESTION: I have a month old pigmy goat 2 weeks ago I had to make a trip to the vet he was peeing blood screaming and fallen over the vet said he had a over eating disorder well he is doing it again what can it be

ANSWER: Over eating disorder does not cause blood in the urine, although it can cause blood in the stool.  Is he otherwise peeing and pooping well?  Is his poop pelleted?  Is he running a fever?  Anything over 102.5 is a fever and indicates an infection.  What feed do you have him on?  I would start him on antibiotics - either oral or injectable - what do you have available to you? Is he still on a bottle? This could be a urinary infection - is he on cedar shavings for bedding?  Let me know - Donna

Update - sorry for the loss - alfalfa is not good to give kid goats as it is very hard on their new rumen.  Was he on a bottle or on mom? Did you ever get a temperature on him?  Was he up to date on his CDT toxoid?  Was he on cedar shavings for bedding? If you have a chance would like to know and I could possibly give you a diagnosis that could help with future kid goats.  Donna

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QUESTION: he was still on bottle trying to wing him he was not on cedar shavings he was my little girls pet he slept in her room on his blankets yes he was up cdt ? the vet gave him some kind of shot did not get his temp he went down hill so fast he started having like tremors his bowls became soft and he was I do not know how to explain it not there he loved her and every so often he would try to get to her to tell you the truth I have never seen anything like this it was heart breaking by the next morning his bowls turned green and he could not walk are pigmys always sickly goats? what food should I have had him on the people I bought him from told me I could not feed him anything different I thought that sounded funny but all I grew up around was a regular goat so I starded makings phone calls and trying to find out but nobody would help

Thanks for the information.  He most likely had coccidiosis - anytime the poop/diarrhea is green in a kid goat it is caused by coccidia - this is treatable by use of Sulmet or Corid given orally immediately along with pepto bismol.  Pygmy goats have the same nutrition as other goats, it just depends on their production.  Most goats do not need alfalfa, just a good grass hay or timothy or orchard and they may or may not need grain.  Many goat kids are affected by coccidiosis as the coccidia that causes this is in all grass and pastures.  Hope this helps - Donna


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