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Hello Donna, I have a boar goat going on 2yrs old. Last night I noticed she wasn't walking as fast as the others. I felt her back legs and they were scabby feeling. Could this be mange(chorioptic)? If so, what is a good treatment? I am new to goats and have 3nannies. I need to trim her feet but she won't let me hold her legs. I noticed her chewing on the one leg.I've had them for over a year with no problems.
Any help would be appreciated. I've been reading some of the other questions and getting alot of great information.


Is there loss of hair there?  Are there open wounds or just scabs? This could be mange mites or it could be a skin infection - not walking as well generally does not happen with mange mites.  Would dust with livestock dust and for the affected areas make a cream from the dust and water and spread over those areas.  The walking issues could also indicate that she has a skin infection - would check to see if she has a fever if possible - anything over 102.5 would indicate a fever - you would want to start her on penicillin injectable at 3 cc/100 pounds body weight twice a day for 5 days along with probiotics.  Is she otherwise eating and drinking okay?  Let me know - Donna


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