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My 5 year old dairy goat is panting like a dog and is foaming at the mouth with saliva dripping from her mouth as well. she does not have a fever. she seems slightly bloated. could this be bloat ? I checked her neck an she doesn't seem to be choking. she seems very stressed.

What is her temperature?  Anything over 102.5 is an infection and that could be causing the symptoms.  Re the panting, that could be a fever.  The foaming is usually from eating a poison and if that is so then the panting can also be from that.  Anything poisonous she could have gotten into?  Would get the temp measurement, and if high, then would start on human 325 mg aspirin at one tablet per 75 pounds body weight every four hours - you need to crush the tablet(s) and and dissolve in a little hot water, then give orally.  If she is not drinking she needs to be orally drenched with electrolytes. Would also start on penicillin injectable at 3 cc/100 pounds body weight twice a day for 5 days and during that time she also needs probiotics.  She also should have vitamin B complex with thiamin - 8 tablets crushed and dissolved in a little hot water, then given orally - twice a day for 5 days.  

I would also start her on milk of magnesia at 1/2 cup per 75 pounds body weight every 2 hours for 4 doses, and lots of orally drenched electrolytes to try and flush the poison out.  

I might suspect this is a polio from not eating well from the infection.  Let me know - Donna


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