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Hi Donna , how are you , well i hope ? This is a question for a friend who has a kid with the runs . These kids are 9 weeks old still on thier mom . One kid has persistant runs , greenish poo . He has wormed and also treated for coccidia , which is still on going i believe . The kid is eating drinking , and i believe getting to much milk as the mom is on a lot of grain . I advised him to take her off the mom for a couple days and feed hay and very little grain . My kids went through the same thing at least some of them that moms milk was so rich it gave them diarrea , as soon as i restricted the milk intake all were well and continue to be so . What is your take on this ?
       Another thing , not a big concern is 4 weeks ago my friends goat freshened , a huge kid a hard assisted birth . At that time was believed there might be a second kid dead inside . Because of a delay in acting to go in and see if one was there , the only alternative left was to keep her on antibiotics and wait it out . She has seemed completely healthy and continues to eat , although her grain she picks all day at it rather than at the milk stand . We believe she is fine and there was a false alarm , but she , which is generally a big milker is drying up , so we are wondering if the antibiotic treatment ( has been 21 days a bit longer ) has caused this ? Thanks
P.S. I cheched her for mastitis and she is clear of that .

Hi there - what is being used to treat the coccidiosis? Green diarrhea indicates coccidiosis.  Is the mom on alfalfa hay too or just grass hay and grain.  It is possible the milk is very rich, but that would not cause the green color, but could cause extra diarrhea symptoms.  I use sulfamethoxine to treat - this is a liquid and generally 5 days of this oral med twice a day along with pepto bismol or kaopectate will take care of the coccidia.  

Re the doe that is drying up.  Is her breath sickly sweet? Is she on alfalfa?  Since she is usually a big milker it is possible either ketosis or hypocalcemia could still be an issue 4 weeks out.  It is possible too that if the antibiotics are not strong enough or not being given at the maximum amount that she still has an infection.  I might think about treating with black cohosh or pulsatilla and see if those help flush our her uterus.  What antibiotic is she on?  Is she drinking lots of water?  If a doe does not drink water the udder is the first thing to suffer.  Let me know - Donna


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