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QUESTION: Hello to experts, I m basically wrok on behaviour in goats. So I want to know about the time taken by the goats for sleeping within Day(24 hr). and which part of the day they sleep, with correspondace to the different region of world(specially INDIAN goats) if possible.

ANSWER: Time of day, weather and environment are generally what decide on when a goat sleeps.  Most often goats sleep at night.  If the weather is very hot goats may take naps during the day.  If goats live in an environment where predators are about at night and make the goats feel insecure and uncomfortable, then the goats may not sleep much at night but sleep instead during the day time.  Do hope this helps - Donna

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QUESTION: Thanks really it helps me. But I want to know an average time that goat spend for sleeping within 24 hr?

Sorry I did not answer that before.  Generally most goats sleep anywhere from 10 to 12 hours in a day.  Again though this may be shorter due to items I stated earlier or it could be longer, especially in hot and cold weather times.  Do hope this helps - Donna


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