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Goats/solid feces post wormer


QUESTION: I have a newly weaned fainting doe.  She was wormed with safeguard prior to my purchasing her.  Pooped pellets the first three or four days we had her, then about two days ago I noticed solid "dog logs".  I understand this is a sign of worms, does it mean the wormer is making her expel the worms she may have had or is it a symptom of new onset of worms?  Thank you so much for your expert advice.

ANSWER: Generally when a goat has had pelleted poop and the poop changes to the brown dog type poop, yes that indicates worms are present in the intestinal system.  What color is the poop?  Has she changed feed regimens - new hay or grain or changed amount? How old is the doeling (we wean at 4 months of age, which is different from others)? Was the Safeguard the goat wormer or the oral horse wormer? Let me know - Donna

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I am not sure on delivery of wormer type.  We did change her feed as we just purchased her from a breeder.  She
Went from "dog logs" to runs and now we are back to soft serve dog logs.  I have wormed her again and started her on pepto
Along with probiotic added to her food.  I also added vitamin b complex.
She is acting fine and running around now, is there anything I need to add or do to get her regular?

Thanks for the update.  Unless she is pregnant or is in milk, a low protein feed is best for her along with a good grass hay or orchard or timothy, but not alfalfa.  This type of diet along with plenty of fresh clean water and a good salt lick or loose salt that contains selenium, is a good baseline for healthy goats.  Would think that she should be back to regular pellets within a day or two.  Keep me posted - Donna


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