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Goats/Sores on goats legs


QUESTION: Thank you for your response on the 24th.  Now, looking at his legs it reminds me of a friends dog that had mange.  Should I treat with Ivermectin? If so how much, how often, and can it be given sub q?  Will the live stock dust help with this?  Is the penicillin given im?

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ANSWER: So mange is caused by mange mites.  Did we talk about treating with Zimectrin oral horse wormer (ivermectin wormer) to kill the mites from the inside out?  This is along with use of the livestock dust, which I would do anyway.  Ivermectin in the form of ivomec injectable or injectable given orally is not advised.  The oral horse wormer works best - you double the weight of your goat and use that to find the dose on the plunger, place and lock on and give orally.  Re the penicillin, yes, that is IM.  Hope this helps - Donna

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QUESTION: The zimectrin. How many times do I treat him with this and how many days apart? Should I still do the penicillin?

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Would advise treating once with both Zimectrin and the powder and repeat in two weeks.  If the sores are open and oozing I would start either penicillin injectable (my choice) or at least an oral antibiotic, such as terramycin or tetracycline or duramycin powder.  Donna


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