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Goats/6 week old goat ate azaleas


QUESTION: My 6 week old Pygmy goat that we have bottle fed for 3 weeks now...ate some azalea petals tuesday.  He was fine that night, then the next day, not well.  He ran a fever and got bloated...only urinated, no stool.  So, I gave him mineral oil mixed with baking now all of that seems to be okay.I only gave him 2 teaspoons of the mineral oil and his stools are still like pellets  Oh yeah, and motrin for the fever and rapid breathing which occurred Wednesday night late.  So, today, he still won't drink much of the milk.  Wednesday day  about 12 ounces.  Today, Thursday,  has been less.  I thought I would get some pedialyte.  He chews continuously and tries the milk but only takes a few swallows each time....then I can hear his tummy.  I only gave him 2 teaspoons of the mineral oil and his stools are still like pellets.  He doesn't have much energy....please help!!

ANSWER: So, mineral oil is excellent for bloat.  Milk of magnesia is best for poison ingestion/azalea.  No baking soda.  No Motrin - aspirin only for goats.  How high was his fever, does he still have a fever - anything over 102.5 is a fever.  Still peeing and pooping?  Bloated still?  Is he up to date on his CDT vaccination (2 weeks, 4 weeks would have been vaccinations so far - 1 cc each time)?  Would start him on penicillin at 1 cc twice a day for 3 days - intramuscularly in the thigh muscle - 22 gauge 3/4 inch length needle - regular penicillin - at farm/feed store.  Also needs vitamin B complex - two tablets (human) crushed and dissolved in a little water, cooled and given orally.  Also needs probiotics - yogurt works well and you can mix one teaspoon of the yogurt in with the B complex solution and give all at once.  Would orally drench with pedialyte type electrolytes.  If he is bloated would keep on one tablespoon milk of magnesia with one tablespoon of mineral oil given orally every 2 hours for two doses to start with.  Sounds like a pneumonia that has come from the stress of bloat and eating poison plant.  Let me know - you can call too if you'd like - Donna 360-742-8310

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QUESTION: Well, he seems to have more energy this morning.  He has drunk 16 ounces of pedialyte since last night....and 2 doses of the milk of magnesia with mineral oil.  I haven't given him I need to try that, or more pedialyte?  I was unaware of the shots, but will get that today along with the B vitamins and yogurt.  When he drinks, he only drinks a few sips at a time, then his tummy starts rolling.  Should I try a different nipple?  I hold it up like I have for this past 3 weeks, but  I thought about buying one of those baby bottles that helps keep the air intake down.  Not sure if he would take it or if that would even help.   This is my first farm animal...I guess you can tell.  We love this little guy.  I truly appreciate your advice!  Thank you so much!

ANSWER: Thanks for the update.  Would like to know what his temp is.  You can try some milk.  Would worry about pneumonia.  If he does not want to drink milk and has before this then pneumonia is usually the answer.  Let me know - Donna

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: His temp is normal.  I gave him some milk, like the pedialye...he can only drink a few swallows at a time.  Then, he burps and chews a few minutes.  His burps are really stinky....does that have anything to do with the poisoning?  Then, he will drink a little more.  He's peeing and pooping he has been the whole time I've had him.  It's rainy and damp here, so I haven't put him in the barn at all today.  I have him inside in a 4x4 pen, but get him out every little bit to walk and feed him.  And, of course, I hold him alot...he likes to sit in my lap and relax.  I held him quite a bit before he got sick, but ALOT now.  Thank you again for ALL of your help!  Can I give him too much pedialyte or is that okay?  Any more suggestions, are welcomed!

Thanks for the update.  It is possible his rumen is still suffering from the toxin but if he is peeing and pooping then that is not a usual scenario with poison intake - usual is foam at the mouth, grinding teeth, not eating, not peeing and perhaps diarrhea.   If he were still bloated that would account for the not being able to eat more than a few swallows at a time, but without bloat this usually points to a bronchitis/esophagitis/pneumonia - penicillin injectable really is the best treatment - with penicillin at 1 cc twice a day for 3 days you should see improvement in how he eats by 12 to 18 hours out from first injection.  I do not like to wait on kid goats as they can go down hill quickly.  Let me know - Donna

PS - YOu can't overdose on pedialyte.  It is just that if he is only drinking that then he is getting no nutrition.  Is he eating anything else currently?  With his 4x4 pen does it have a shelter and does he go into that shelter?


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