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We recently got a set of twin boar goats that were born on march 19. We are new to the goat thing....but the lady we got them from raises them for meat and does not know what to do for a pet.   We couldnt get them to nurse so we took the mom to until they are weened.  I just need some help making sure that we know when to worm them and give shots and im cocerned that the boy was banded to soon.   its been a month and he still has the band and acts like he has problems pooping hell curl up and try but nothing comes out...i would appreciate it if i could hook up with someone that is willing to talk to us and answer questions that would prevent us from keeping the goats healthy..... I appreciate your time and would appreciate a response right away.... If you cant help thats fine if you have and suggestions on who can help thatd be great.   

thank you


Sorry to hear you could not bottle raise them.  Re vaccinations, CDT toxoid vaccination should be given at 2 weeks of age when banded or disbudded or just at 2 weeks, then again at 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months all at 1 cc each.  Then starting at a year of age and every year after 2 cc of the CDT toxoid.  This can be found at the local feed/farm stores and you can learn to give it youself - intramuscular injection is best.  Re worming, I advise use of oral horse wormers of Safeguard and Zimectrin- you use twice the body weight of the goat (once the goats are old enough and large enough for this to work as a weight to use) and find that on the plunger of the wormer, place a lock on and give orally - BUT with kid goats and goats that are smaller in size, you use 1/2 inch for kid goats  and 1 inch for 6 months and older until they are large enough to use the plunger dosing.  So you little ones would get 1/2 inch - you push out 1/2 inch (cannot overdose them so approximate is fine) and place this towards the back of the tongue.  I start with Safeguard and then 2 months later you switch to Zimectrin and 2 months later back to Safeguard and so on - I do this on a consistent basis especially if the goats are on pasture.  You can keep the wormers in the refrigerator to keep them good.   Re The banding - I always advise banding/castrating at 2 weeks of age - this is really best for the goat.  By 4 weeks after banding you should see a flattened dry sac and by 6 weeks after banding that dried sac should fall off to leave fresh looking tissue underneath and heal up without issues.  Re the issues with pooping.  That is most likely constipation - what other feed is he on currently along with drinking from mom?  If the person has allowed him to eat regular adult grain that is incorrect and causing the constipation.  Giving him one tablespoon of human mineral oil now and again in 2 hours.  By 6 hours you should see some poop.  I would ask though if you have seen him pee.  If he is having difficulty peeing then it could also be incorrect banding method.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna


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