QUESTION: Hi Donna , I believe I'm going to lose this little guy . His belly is as big and hard as it can get . That much milk of magnesia , and a quarter cup of mineral oil 20 minutes ago . Hes definitely in distress now crying often , lying down getting up , his breathing is laboured and short breaths . I've done all I can , he's got to poop , is the only way , but that doesn't look like it will happen . Can't believe mothers milk could do this even more than he needed . Usually they get the runs from it or intro toximia . O well log this one in the books , heart wrenching , but valuable life lesson . Thanks .

ANSWER: You can try one more thing if you'd like - using a large bore needle go back between the 7th and 8th ribs and go down from the back bone about 1/3 of the way on the left side - this is where the rumen is - you take the needle and stick it straight down in the area, may have to draw out and redo until you feel it "pop" into the rumen and at that time all the gas in the rumen will start escaping - you leave the needle there while the gas escapes.  This may help.  I have only done this 5 times in all my years and one time gas escaped but the kid still passed, and the other 4 times gas escaped and all survived.  

You could also try an enema - pushing mineral oil up into the rectum to see if there is a "stop" of poop there.  

Do hope this helps - Donna

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Donna , I got his rumen on the first try , and took off a lot of gas , but I am afraid his system is to toxic now to respond . It did relieve his pain though making him more comfortable . He's basically in a coma breathing more easy , but his lungs are filling up with fluid . This little trick you told me about may come in handy someday though . Thanks

Sounds like you did everything you could.  Sometimes it is hard to tell what is going on soon enough to catch things, especially in kid goats.  You're right though, always learning from our experiences is the important thing.  Glad you were able to give him a little relief - and you're also right about probably being so toxic now.  Donna


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