My sister and her husband raise South African Boar Goats on a small hobby farm in northern Alberta. These gots are not bred for meat. They are pets for the grandchildren. This spring the females (4) gave birth to a total of 7 kids.
Two weeks ago a large lump was found on one of the moms. A vet was called, and tested for CL. Tests came back confirming this. The abscess has not yet opened. Her kids are approximately six weeks old. We are all trying to find information on whether or not the babies can get this CL through the mothers milk. So far, we haven't found any answers. Could you tell us if this is a possibility or not. If you don't have that information, do you know where we could obtain the answers to our concerns? Also, the grandchildren often play in the pens with the goats, is this something that can be harmful to humans. The grandchildren range in age from two years to eight years of age.
Any information that you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Roxi McRae

Hello.  Unfortunately it is possible for kid goats to get CL through the mom's milk (not always but possible) - I would start them immediately on bottle feeding with a multispecies milk replacer.  Would also advise keeping the mom from the kids until the abscess is dried up.  I am a bit surprised that the vet did not open and drain the abscess.  Once the abscess gets tense it should be opened, allowed to drain, and kept clean and open until it is healed - and no contact with other goats or people as the drainage carries the CL.  As long as the children stay away from any drainage, and wash, wash, wash their hands after touching the goats, I would assume all would be okay.  Hope that helps - Donna  


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