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QUESTION: Hi Donna , I have a 8 week old kid in first stages of intro toximia , have given 70 cc milk of magnesia , and 4 zantac , reason for 4 is not sure the first 2 got in there . How much milk of magnesia do I give him , not any more I can do right now don't want to over dose him .

ANSWER: What symptoms is he having to suspect entero?  Sloshing stomach? Yellow diarrhea? Not eating? Lethargic? Did you ever get the Biosponge?  That would be perfect if you did?  Do you have CDT toxoid?  If so give 2 cc now and every 2 hours for 4 doses.  Milk of magnesia would be 1/4 cup per 25 pounds body weight every 2 hours for two doses and then wait.  The Zantac may actually cause the Clostridium bacteria, if this really is enterotoxemia, to stay in the intestinal system.  Keep hydrated.   If he has yellow diarrhea then it is entero, if other color then other illness.  Let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: Hi Donna , first signs was stretching and then that familiar bleeting of pain . I gave him the zantac and milk of magnesia . Yes sloshing in his stomach , and bloating . He for the moment is doing better not crying a bit of stretching . No poop yet , hoping soon . I spent the last 45 minutes massageing his belly and patting his back and did release a bit of gas . Everytime he took a spasm he would lie down , I wouldn't let him and kept him moving , hopefully on the mend right now . Still no bio sponge , just getting back to work , money has been tight . I did give him to much milk this morning , problely what caused it . All I have is the Tasvax 8 , will this do , have to get the other in the states

ANSWER: So this  sounds  like bloat and/or constipation, no entero. Do you have mineral oil? That is the best for this. If not milk of magnesia every 2 hours for four doses until he poops/bloat lessens. I would stay away from Zantac for bloat.  Constipation first from too much milk and then bloating.   Would still give vaccination that has CD in it.  Hope this helps - Donna

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QUESTION: Hi Donna , I do have mineral oil , should tell you that I gave him at least 105 cc of milk of magnesia . Should I wait a bit or go right into the mineral oil , 1 quarter cup ?          Unrelated question , I can't seem to keep up with meds on hand , finally have the vitamin d , can I use the zinc instead of selenium with the d vit. for the kid that has deficiency . By the way he is stronger today . Thanks

The milk of magnesia helps with cleaning out the rumen but is only a little help with bloat and constipation.  You should wait on the mineral oil as that is a lot of milk of magnesia for him to pass currently. Would wait at least two hours- then mineral oil - no more milk of magnesia.  Re the zinc, no that does not help with selenium deficiency.  Sorry. Glad he is stronger though. Donna


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