QUESTION: Hi Donna , I lost a kid this morning 7 weeks of age to what I believe to have been entrotoximea . Went in to milk this morning , mom had been with them all night , a pair , doeling and buckling . All was well , took half hour to milk , went and let his mom out of the pen and noticed he was not crying for her , but a cry I haven't heard in a long time . I ran into the house got a zantac and milk of magnesia and headed out , maybe 5 minutes , he was dead . Usually I vaccinate for this , with tasvax 8 , but because it causes abscesses' , decided to wait till I could get the other stuff from the states . The doe is going to be vaccinated , today with the tasvax 8 . The reason I'm contacting you is I can't really remember what to give them , I just grabbed what I thought would work ? So what is the treatment , if any ? Haven't had a case in 3 years since I started vaccinating . Thanks

ANSWER: Certainly could be enterotoxemia.  Was there a change in diet currently?  Any chance he got into something poisonous? Any foam around the mouth?  Was he bloated? Re enterotoxemia vaccination, a good kid goat regimen for CDT toxoid (this is what I use as the other is for sheep/goat's okay though.  I would advise using the CDT toxoid which is available at most all farm/feed stores.  So regimen is 1/2 cc at birth if the mom was not vaccinated 4 weeks prior to kidding, then 1 cc at 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and 9 months and then starting at a year of age 2 cc and every year after that.  For enterotoxemia treatment use of milk of magnesia, antibiotics, biosponge if you have it (from Platinum Performance - made for horses but absolutely the best for removing entero toxins for goats), and if possible CD antitoxin which is only available online.  Did you see him eat this morning? or was he lethargic when you milked the mom?  Let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: Hi Donna , has never been outside , always in the pen with his sister . Only good hay and milk from mom , who is on 2 gallons feed a day , to build up weight and milk production . He was fine when I let mom out , had a good full of milk though , no foaming , any bleating when I took mom sounded normal . By the time I got back to him and noticed anything wrong was half an hour . He was alert even tried some new hay , but definitely in distress . 5 minutes all it took , it was fast . Had one die before like this , only was overeating grass . Same thing 10 minutes from alert to dead . Sad but an important lessen ( Vaccinate ) even if it does make an abscess . One important question , only horse wormer they had in the fenbendozole line was , is panacure 10 % . He insured me it is the same as the safeguard . I really believe the valbasen did do something as today they are strong eating , heads held high , even Maple best she's been since this all started . How long the pen , and vitamins , iron , and probios ? Thanks

ANSWER: Thanks for the update.  So would assume this and the other were enterotoxemia.  Re the vaccination and any injections, I advise intramuscular for everything - the subcutaneous method can easily be done off a little and then creates cysts or abscesses due to the medicine/vaccination being injected between the skin layers instead of totally subcutaneously and then that creates a cyst or an abscess and also the goat ended up not receiving the vaccination or meds.  So rear leg thigh muscle, 20 gauge needle for adult or 22 gauge for kids and 3/4 inch length - pop into the muscle and yes, even newborn kid goats have enough of a little muscle to use back there - you draw back just a bit to be sure you're not in a vein (short needles make it easier not to hit a vein or a nerve) (if in a vein red would enter the barrel quickly) and then push the medicine/vaccination in.  Intramuscular injections are the best - and even if the medicine or vaccination says subcu you can still give it intramuscularly (IM) - never a cyst or an abscess from an IM injection.  I am always hearing from folks with questions about "why does my goat have a lump from the injection"  and, guess, what, that injection was given subcutaneously.  Hope this helps - Donna

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QUESTION: Hi Donna , yes this is what I suspected entrotoximia . Now as for my other question about the panacure fenbendasole 10% , ok to use this in the kids with liverfluke 3x their weight on the plunger ? And how long for antibiotics , and all the vitamins , iron etc. ? They are a lot stronger today eating machines , these guys have all been vaccinated , so no worry . Wow thanks again Donna , 4 lives have been saved which if not for your quick thinking most certainly would have been lost , even Maple what a difference , she may actually make it , if her little rumin and liver , kidneys can handle it all , so far so good . No foam , and no teeth grinding . Thanks

Re the kid goats and liver fluke treatment, usually you can start the febendazole at 8 weeks of age, so if they are strong, would think they are close enough to that time frame at 7 weeks of age.  Since it is hard to figure out three times their weight, and since the normal dosing for a kid goat is 1/2 to 1 inch, would use 1 1/2 inches for their treatment.  So glad they are all getting stronger.  Maple sounds like she is a tough little cookie - so many times I see ill goats just give up - but then, they have a great caretaker in you.  Donna  


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