I have a 16 day old pygmy who has a fever of 104, coughing, sneezing.  last night he was treated by a vet with penicillin. he also had bloat last night. the vet gave him an oral solution for the bloat and said it would leave a very bad after taste in
his mouth.  he was eating normally yesterday and today he acts as if he is hungry but he wont take his bottle. we are giving him pedalyte by syringe orally.  he is getting more congested and coughing a lot more.  he is also grinding his back teeth. what can i do to give him some relief from the congestion? and what can i do to get him eating well again?  he was sold to me from a breeder who told me he was 10 days old. when i got him home i was told he was only 2 days old. we have been bottle feeding him ever since we got him two weeks ago.  there are so many different articles about not giving powdered kid milk replacement. is this true? should we be giving him pasteurized liquid milk?  i love this little guy immensely and we almost lost him last night. the bloat is gone but i know he is not out of the woods yet.  one last question. what type of "green leaves" should i go and pick for him and would you recommend alfalfa hay or grass hay?  thank you so much for your time.

Any other symptoms such as lameness, swelling in the joints, swelling around the umbilical cord, diarrhea, etc.? Is he peeing and pooping okay?  What type of milk replacer are you using?  I have found that the regular kid milk replacers (made specifically for goat kids) do not work that well and use a multispecies type milk replacer which is available at most feed stores.  With that said though if you have purchased the big bag of milk replacer we can work around that.  But bottom line, milk replacers are not the culprit in kid illness/death, but that they are either being fed too much or the replacer is being mixed too strongly for them.  Since he was 2 days old when you got him are we sure he received colostrum from the mom?  

Would assume this is a pneumonia (as long as there is no diarrhea or loose stools or other symptoms), and I would hope the vet started him on regular penicillin at 1 cc twice a day for 7 days (long term type is not really worth anything in these situations).  He also needs probiotics while on antibiotics as the penicillin not only kills the bad bacteria but also the good bacteria in the rumen and so the rumen suffers/dies.  Yogurt works fine.  1/2 teaspoon for his size mixed in a little water and given as an oral drench twice a day.  Since he is not eating and even though he does not have a fully functioning rumen yet (rumen gradually becomes a true rumen by about 3 weeks of age) he also should have vitamin B complex (with thiamine) - this is the human kind - to keep his neurologic system intact while not eating well or not eating at all - for his age would give one tablet crushed and dissolved in a little hot water, cooled, and given as an oral drench - twice a day - you can even mix this in with the yogurt.  Glad the bloat is gone - next time he has bloat human mineral oil is the best and does not leave an aftertaste for them.  Has he started eating leaves and hay yet? If he has would start on a nice grass or orchard grass hay.  What browse do you have around your place - where are you located? - do not want to give him any toxic plants.  Let me know - hope this helps - give me a call too if you'd like - Donna 360-742-8310  

PS With the high fever would also give human aspirin - low dose 81 mg tablet - one tablet crushed and dissolved in a little hot water, cooled and given orally every 4 hours until the fever drops (anything over 102.5 is a fever).  You can also give him some children's benadryl for the congestion - perhaps 1/4 teaspoon twice a day of the liquid type.  The bloat is unusual in pneumonia and unfortunately could be a precursor to enterotoxemia.  He should have had his first CDT toxoid (preventative for enterotoxemia) vaccination at 2 weeks of age (1 cc given intramuscularly) and then would need one at 4 weeks, 2 months, 3 months 6 months, 9 months all at 1 cc, and then starting at one year and every year afterwards 2 cc of the toxoid.  I would at least get him started on the CDT vaccinations now and if he bloats again would need to give him more along with milk of magnesia.  Let me know.


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