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Good Morning Donna,
Just checking in to see how u are doing & the goats! Hope all is well any more babies? I miss Migi so much. I'll talk to u again later.

Me & Migi

Nice to hear from you.  The goats are doing well.  Babies are all born now - still have six on bottles.  We are having beautiful weather this week - in the high 60s to 70s with lots of sun.  The goats are literally jumping for joy and snoozing in the sun!  Wish I could say the same - but someone has to work to feed the farm, right?  But it's always nice to come home to all those faces.  I know how you feel about Migi - I sometimes can still see my goats who have passed jumping and frolicking in the sun - but know they are in a great place now.  Hope all is well with your family.  Love to you and Migi.  Donna


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Donna Ruelas-Semasko/Edelweiss Acres


All goat health care, nutrition, judging questions about all goats - packgoats, dairy goats, pygmy goats, meat goats, fleece goats.


27 years health care/nutrition of all types of goats, 17 years experience in packgoats, 20 years experience in 4H goat projects as leader, superintendent and judge. 20 years experience in putting on goat care/nutrition seminars.

NAPgA, The Evergreen Packgoat Club, 4H, ADGA.

Hobby Farm, many newspapers, 4H newsletters, Packgoat Manuals (youth and general), judging information pamphlets, seminar handouts about health care and nutrition.

4 years of college, ongoing education in goats.

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