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Hi Donna , re the bay goat 4 days old now is improving but still has one foot not responding . I managed to get the vitamin d and the selenium . Just want to be sure about the dosage again , this will be the third day , but the only one with the proper d vitamin ? Now about yesterday and the kid buck that died from bloat , enicially I gave some probiotics with the milk of magnesia , and was wondering if I should have done this ? The other thing I forgot to mention early on is I could not hear any rumen noises . I was so intent on saving him I never even thought to mention it . My question is the rumen able to shut off just like a kid with a pangerous shutdown , or is this just a symptom of what was going on ? Just to help me better understand what happened , maybe I can save the next one . By the way he never did poop or pee in the 8 hours it took him to die . Thanks

Hi there - Sometimes it takes a two day dosing along with a third dose 10 days out for kid goats to respond to skeletal issues - since there was no vitamin D available for the selenium and E to work correctly I rather doubt they helped at all.  I would do at least one day dose of one 200 mcg crushed and dissolved tablet of selenium added to half the oil from a 1000 IU vitamin E capsule and half the oil from an 800 IU vitamin D capsule - mix, cool and give orally now and then again in 7 to 10 days.  

Re the little guy, when there is bloat and constipation the rumen cannot function and therefore no sounds are heard, not that it is dead, it just cannot function well enough to make the sounds.  Whenever I see a kid goat who has bloat and/or has not pooped I go to the mineral oil straight away - if I see no poop after two doses (2 hours apart) then I also give an enema using mineral oil - sometimes there is a small plug in the anal canal and that is all that is needed to get things going again.  The issue with bloat and constipation in kid goats is that when they get these then the Clostridium bacteria (which is already in their intestinal tract) begins to grow quickly and produces the toxins (CDT toxoid important to have on board and give again) and then that adds to the issues.  Do hope this helps - Donna

Wanted to let you know that I am helping my daughter and her family move to another state and won't be on the allexperts list to email, but you can contact me via phone if you have a question - will be off the list from 5-18 through 5-23.  Thanks - Donna


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