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QUESTION: Hi Donna , the goat that has been with maple , her name is mouse , has persistently displayed the same symptoms . Male today is doing fine as for eating , but she constantly drools , and of course you know about the loss of weight . Mouse today has all but shut down , drooling and some white foam on her mouth , tooth grinding etc. She also has been diminished to a rack of bones in the last month . Her poops are normal , her gums and eyelids are normal . Something I noticed when she pooped she also pee'ed at the same time , very unusual . No fever . The buck that had been with them at some point also has began a downward trend , all these animals a month ago were eating well and good shape accept for maple . I getting a bit scared that they have something real nasty and its spreading in them . I'm going to quarantine them . Again I've started penicillin 3cc twice a day , probiotics , zantac for their bellys , one dose only , zinq , and A and D injectable . I wouldn't even know where to look as to possible diseases that can cause these symptoms . First thing comes to mind is plant poisoning , but that field has been cleared of anything bad last year , just briers and green grass . If you have any idea please let me know . If I can't pin this down for the sake of the herd they have to go . I'll try for a while but I'm not chancing the rest of them , this looks like bad stuff . Thanks

ANSWER: Sorry to hear of the illness, and it sounds like it is the same thing.  Do you have pine trees around you at all? A fungal pneumonia or liver flukes or leptospirosis could easily give these symptoms.  The symptoms currently, especially the foam, drooling and grinding teeth, that is from thiamin deficiency - polio - Are the goats on vitamin B complex? Have we ever tried Safeguard horse wormer once a week for three weeks using 3 times the body weight of the goat to find the dose? Any chance you can get something called Uniprim? or perhaps Sulmet? Both will kill fungal pneumonia.  The main symptom of their losing weight really heads towards liver flukes.  Can't remember if I asked before about wet pastures or ponds, or other water sources that the goats could get to.  Let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: Hi Donna , are you referring to sulmet de metox . I have used this in the past for coccidiosis . I have placed them on the b complex 1 tablet once a day . I have treated them with the real goat wormer from the states with fenbendozol 1% . I can get the safeguard horse wormer though . These liver flukes can they cause degrees of paleing eyelids , and gums ? All these goats have varying degrees of paleness . How does this critter spread and is there a test to confirm it , fecal or other ? Thanks

Yes, the Sulmet - normally a liquid antibiotic.  The B complex needs to be at least four times the human dose to do any good at all and that is twice a day - also must be crushed and dissolved to it gets into the goat's system.  The goat fenbendazole does not do the trick well in my thoughts and I only advise use of the horse oral type.  If you used the liquid for the once a week for 3 weeks doubt it did anything.  Re varying colors of lower inner eyelids, this can be different for some goats from bright rosy pink to light pink as a normal for goats.  It is the white to barely able to see pink color that usually indicates anemia/barber pole worm.  Generally liver flukes cause system failure - weight loss, rumen dysfunction, inability to gain weight, etc.  Difficult to confirm except on necropsy.  Goat picks up the larvae out of contaminated water (water where the liver flukes live) - this can be water where other wild animals may pee or poop in.  Leptospirosis is a big thing around the Northwest here - symptoms are the same as what your goats have.  This is a reason that I treat with the kitchen sink method - treat for all diagnoses and hope one works.   If you use the Sulmet liquid it must be at 3 cc/15 pounds body weight twice a day for 7 days.  Let me know - Donna


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