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Hi Donna , I'm trying to figure out the B-50 dosing , at 4 times what a human would take . The dose on the bottle calls for 1 tablet a day , so do I give 4 tabs a day or go by weight , a human at 200 lbs , the goat at 25 lbs , would be 1 quarter tab twice a day ? Sorry I get confused easily , and really need dosing instructions laid right out for me  Went today and got another supply od B-50 complex , and iron tabs , 300 mg per pill , dose for that is one per day . I 'm going to try get the Sulmet tomorrow . You wouldn't believe what I've dumped into these three today , Probios , iron , Ivermec , penicillin , zinc , Zantac , and lastly a dose of Valbazen , hopefully to buy me some time . Thanks , O they were all eating , drinking by days end .

Hi there - what you are looking for in the B complex/B 50 is the amount of thiamin - when a goat is not doing well they must have huge amounts of thiamin - no specific dose, just huge amounts - I don't bother with specific mg dosings when dealing with an ill animal - I just know that goats because of their fast metabolism need four times human dosings to get a minimal amount of thiamin in and that's for a minimally ill animal, if the goat is say not eating/hasn't eaten for days/etc.  then I give eight times the human dose.  Again, always crushing and dissolving first.  I really would not use the Ivomec, it is hard on the goat's stomach and does not really help in my opinion.  Too much zantac can cause the goat's rumen to shut down and drop it's pH and I would not give that on a consistent basis.  I don't advise over worming either.  If we're thinking it is the barber pole worm or liver flukes then Safeguard oral horse wormer is what will kill them, not the others.  When I have an ill goat or other animal it is B complex, penicillin, probiotics (yogurt) and vitamin D3 5,000 units.  If anemic I use Geritol liquid - twice the human dose daily for 7 days.  Certainly glad they are eating and drinking though - that's good to hear.  Donna


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