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Hi Donna.  I have given the sick wether all the medications you suggested.  Friday I ordered the CDT vaccine and should be in today. Unlike the others, his eye membranes have stayed red.  He is going down quickly now and is very weak.  The other older doe is still grazing but has light pink membranes.  I decided to worm them all with ivomec injectable on thurs after reading you letter.  You thought that if they had johnes diease they would have bottle jaw and not amemia, so I gave them 1ml per 35 lbs.  The next day they all seem better, colour back in and out grazing.  Saturday the eye membranes in my older doe changed and she and the whether started to hang out in their barn again. They all have had safeguard at 3x strength of horse paste when I treated the pygmy that has recently died. If this is toxins in the rumen , is it possible for it to affect so many of them.  I only have 5 left and 2 are sick.  We have never vaccinated them , but we do the sheep every year with tasvax 8. Should I vaccinate them all with the CDT vaccine when it comes today. As you have previously asked, they do not have access to our pond, we have gotten no new sheep and mine are vaccinated, and the grass they eat is along the laneway and consists of dandelions, grass, thistles and a few other weeds.  I did feed them a mixture of 1/3 crack corn,1/3 black oil sunflowers and 1/3 whole oats along with their grassy hay this winter.  That is the same as I feed the ewes. It was a little more than a lb a piece and was spread out over several feeders so the aggressive ones don't eat it all. The sick whether and older alpine doe were in differnt pens beside each other since Jan when the pygmy became ill. Any more ideas that it could be.  I think I'm running out of time to save any of them.

Hi there - thanks for the update.  Bottle jaw is caused by anemia - the proteins from the lack of red blood cells builds up around the jaw and creates the swelling.  Do you still have the wether on iron tablets?  The penicillin you are giving intramuscularly, correct? Have you ever lost any of the sheep?  Sheep are the main culprits of Johne's and they are carriers without showing symptoms at times.  

I think we talked about possible fungal pneumonia - and also think we talked about changing antibiotics if the penicillin was not helping.

I would change to LA200 at 4.5 cc/100 pounds body weight once a day for 7 days.  Probiotics and vitamin B complex should be continued.  If he is not eating then he needs to have a mush given to him as an oral drench.  Let me know - Donna


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