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My little 1mo old Saanan seemed to have bumped his nose last week, it was reddish, swollen a little and had a small vertical split/cut on it, very shallow and clean. Now a week latter the nostril is still all swollen (seems to be getting bigger) and chapped, and I see no sign whatsoever of the split/cut. What can it be? And why does it just keep getting bigger and puffier?

Sounds like an infection/abscess.  Is he eating and drinking okay?  What is his temperature?  Anything over 102.5 indicates an infection that is going through his system.  I would start him on injectable penicillin at 1 cc twice a day intramuscularly for 5 days.  He also would need probiotics during this time - yogurt or gel or powder.  You may need to open this if it becomes so tense that is stretching the skin.  I would also start him on a baby aspirin (81 mg) one crushed and dissolved in a little hot water, cooled and given orally twice a day to help with pain and inflammation.  Let me know - Donna


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