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QUESTION: Hi Donna , nice to have you back . I have a 3 day old kid that is very shaky , back feet are turned in a bit . He is drinking and has got his closterum . I gave 2 cc pen . and 2 selenium tabs , a shot of selon e and A and D injectable , also probiotics . How much milk does he need at this age , I know you told me at least once but I've misplaced my notes . I believe he is selenium deficient . I've brought him in the house , and have a heater going for him , this appears to have stopped the shaking . The mother is really run down , I actually bought these kids from a dairy farm . His brother is in better shape . Don't really know what else I can do , open to suggestions , Thankyou

ANSWER: Hi there - so the kid would need 200 mcg of selenium along with 500 IU of E and 400 IU of D now and then tomorrow an probably a third day.  penicillin at 1 cc is plenty if IM twice a day for 3 days. 4 to 6 ounces every 3 to 4 hours for the next 3 days.  Would give powdered colostrum to help with immune system enhancement.  Is he peeing and pooping?  What is his temperature? Donna

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QUESTION: Hi , I have everything covered accept the D by itself . I do however have A & D injectable , dose calls for 1 quarter to half a cc . As for closterm I have the real stuff saved during kidding . He's really tired , and sleeps mostly , but is very alert if I pet him . He is peeing and pooping ok . It was obvious the mother had severe infestation of some type , and all I had to do was look at how pale her muzzle was to see she was anemic , and an eyelid exam proved it . She told me she was worming , but with organic stuff . I've had my experience with that stuff , out the window , no good . I suggested the safeguard horse wormer just to be sure it covers liverfluke , and she said the weight loss has been gradual even though she has been eating , so my best guess , worms .  Also an update , you helped me save 4 young goats , the ones with liver fluke . They can't eat enough , and more importantly cud chewing , even little maple who can actually outrun me now ,lol . Thanks

Thanks for the update.  I like to use  the oral selenium/E/D as I can get an exact dose, no injections, and it works.  Many times the color of the mucous membranes does not show anemia, but does show system health. The lower inner eyelid color is the key to anemia diagnosis.  The weight loss of the doe could be regular stomach worms if the poop is dog poop style, otherwise it is liver flukes or the barber pole worm as the most likely culprit.

I am so happy to hear about the little ones and Maple- very nice.  Nice job.



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