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I have a problem boy...he was in two weeks ago with a stone blockage...the vet cleared it with a catheter and said he would probably "dribble" for a while because of swelling...this seemed to be the case for a while but now he is bloated on the left and listless (he's never very active but this is noticeable) I've watched him closely for a few hours and he does not seem to be peeing or pooping but has been eating a bit today. I gave him about 8 oz of water by syringe because i was afraid he was dehydrated but didn't want to fill his bladder if it was blocked. I've fed him a teaspoon of baking soda and about 8 oz of lemon juice with a squirt of ProBio just for good measure. He hasn't had any grain only hay no alfalfa I'm paranoid to give him anything "yummy" since I wanted to avoid further blockage problems. He weighs 13 pounds and I've read about the milk of magnesia and mineral oil but the dosages are always for larger animals. Can you please advise?

ANSWER: What feed regimen did you have him on and did the vet get the stones/calculi out?  4 months of age is extremely young to have urinary calculi.  What is his temperature? Measurement for the temp please.  Did the vet do a quick check on the urine to see what its pH was and/or if there were white cells in it?  Was it simply that he was not urinating that made the vet think this was calculi? Would like to know the answers to these first before I head on with other answers - thanks - Donna

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I don't think the vet checked the pH but he did remove the blockage....he was on noble goat and still hase purina goat minerals plus the noble goat is out and grass hay is in...i dont know how to take his at the 24hour walgreens now is there something i can get here?

ANSWER: Thanks for the info.  I use a human digital thermometer to take a goat's temp - this is used rectally - I put a little bit of vaseline on the end before inserting just the tip of it.  Did you see the stones? I would assume a this point that he has a urinary tract infection and that causes pain and swelling so they cannot pee, along with a fever.  Once they are catheterized generally it is a good flow.  I would give him some aspirin - low dose 81 mg works well - one tablet crushed and dissolved in a little hot water and given orally every 4 hours until he seems better, and also if he has a fever this will get the fever down.   Would also give electrolytes or cranberry juice to keep things cleaned out.  Stones are caused by an incorrect calcium to phosphorus ratio- I can give you more info on this later.  Could continue on the lemon juice - this is the concentrated type.  Would also use vitamin B complex for him - this is the human type.  He also should be on probiotics - yogurt works fine.  Once you're home I can give you more specifics.  Donna

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: ok neither he nor i enjoyed that....temp seems normal 101.9....i gave him the 81 mil asprin and some pedialite flavored with the lemon juice....ahhhhh and my son just yelled that he was pooping the vasaline must have done something but its not normal poop squishy yellowish and mucusy (i didnt use that much vasoline..ok what now?

Thanks for the update.  Temp sounds good.  If he has taken in a lot of lemon juice for his size then that could make the poop yellow.  Generally though yellow mucousy soft poop indicates enterotoxemia.  Do you have any oral antibiotics?  I would also start him on those if possible along with the aspirin.  If he is not eating well he really needs the vitamin B complex and probiotics too.  Is he up to date on his CDT toxoid vaccinations? Back to the urinary calculi - these are caused when the calcium to phosphorus ratio is wrong - this is for wethers and bucks - should be at least 2:1 but best is 3:1 - alfalfa is too high in calcium and many grains are too high.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna

PS I would advise against baking soda mixed with lemon juice - too much gas created.  


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