QUESTION: I have twin nubian bucklings, 3 mos old. The mother died at 1 month but they did great until recently. They look potty in the belly and thin on back. Their under eye lids are very pale. I have wormed them with ivermectin and safeguard. I used the safeguard 3x body weight and for 3 weeks. Still no better and last night one came up with a swollen face (barber worms?)What to do to make them better?

ANSWER: What does their poop look like?  You are looking at the lower inner eyelids, correct? What is their feed regimen currently? The swollen face/bottle jaw sounds like anemia which is caused by either liver flukes or barber pole worms - for which Safeguard oral horse wormer once every week for three weeks usually takes care of the worms.  How much exactly did you give them? Generally at 3 months of age kid goats do not weigh enough to use the 3 x and find it on the plunger.  So we use 1 inch amount for most kid goats.  Have you started them on iron therapy too? Are they eating well?  Otherwise peeing and pooping okay? Let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: Poop looks normal. Yes ma'am the lower lid. Not sure how much exactly used two clicks. No iron but gave molasses and 1/2 cc thiamine for two days now. Eating ,peeing ,and pooping normal. I just recieved Safeguard for goats  liquid from Jeffers how much of it ? Thank you so much

ANSWER: Thanks for the update.  Doubt the two "clicks" would have been enough - I would re dose using 1 inch amount - I just push out 1 inch on my finger, and do this once a week for three weeks.  The extra wormer will not hurt them.  Safeguard liquid does not work as well for the barber pole worms.  Would also start on iron tablets or Geritol liquid iron supplement - if tablets would go with one iron tablet per kid goat crushed and dissolved in a little hot water, cooled and given orally once a day for 5 days, then every third day for three doses and then check the inner lower eyelids again.  If a goat is eating well it does not need thiamin.  Molasses will not give enough iron to help.  If you use the Geritol liquid would give 1/2 teaspoon once a day for 5 days and then every third day for three doses.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: One of my babies is doing better but the other is not. My vet said to give him ivermectin orally 2cc/100lbs. I have given him some red cell    1 1/2cc once and 3 B12 tabs dissolved 2x daily for 2 days now. I have been getting different feedback on the whole deworming method. Some say dont give orally it can cause worms to die off to fast and will cause bleed out. Vet says dont give SQ it doesnt work, that goats do not absorb SQ well. Confused with best method what is best method and best product to use? Should I buy an iron inj. to give in times of need does that help? Thank You

Thanks for the update.  So we are talking two different items - stomach/intestinal worms are best treated with use of oral horse wormer (ivermectin orally does not work and definitely not injectable) - we advise Safeguard and Zimectrin horse wormers - these are oral - for regular worming (not liver flukes or barber pole worms which cause the anemia) you use twice the body weight of the goat to find the dosage on the plunger, put on the lock and give orally.  You then switch to the other wormer in 2 months - you go back and forth worming once every two months.  If you have kid goats which would not have enough weight to use for the plunger measurements, you just give 1/2 inch for kids under 3 months and 6 months to 9 months or a year give 1 inch.  

The ivermectin will not work on liver flukes or barber pole worms - these are different than regular stomach worms.  Fenbendazole (in the Safeguard) is what works to kill liver flukes and the barber pole worm.

B12 does nothing really for goats - it is the B complex with the B1/thiamin included that helps goats.  I do not use red cell (I generally do not buy "livestock" specific supplements as human supplements work as well if not better and are less expensive.  But if you have the red cell I would suspect that 1.5 cc is not enough at all - and probably should be closer to 5 to 6 cc/ml twice a day.  

I would re do the Safeguard horse wormer at the dose once a week for three weeks as the barber pole worms the one that is not doing well has may be more resistant.  The extra Safeguard will not hurt the little one.  Does he still have bottle jaw now?  Is he eating, drinking, peeing and pooping?  Any other symptoms? Let me know - Donna


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