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QUESTION: I'm pretty sure my little wether needs a dose of CD Antitoxin. I've tried both Tractor Supply stores here and all feed stores within a 30 mile radius. The only vet here that sees goats doesn't even carry it. I ordered it online for tomorrow delivery. Is there anything I can do for him to help him until it arrives tomorrow? FYI he is bloated, not pooping or peeing and does not have a temp. When I took his temp he pooped a little but mucusy and a bit yellow. He supposedly had a CD/T shot when I adopted him at 6 weeks he is now 4 months and stupidly I did not know he would need a booster and my vet did not advise that he have one. I have given him a dose of asperine and some pepto and some pedialyte. I have also given him a plain warm water enima because his lower intestine felt like it was hard. What else can I do for him until help arrives?

ANSWER: Does he "slosh" when you shake him gently?  If so along with the yellow poop I would assume it could be enterotoxemia, but generally this occurs when kid goats are much younger and under stress.  The bloat is what you need to take care of - would start on milk of magnesia at 1/2 cup per 100 pounds body weight mixed with same amount of human mineral oil, now, again in 2 hours, then at 6 hours and again tonight (unless he starts pooping for you). What is his temperature?  Anything over 102.5 is a fever.  No pepto as that constipates him.  Pedialyte is a good idea.  Would also start on CDT toxoid - you are correct that antitoxin is not available except online - so use of CDT toxoid at 2 cc now and again in 2 hours and again in 2 hours can help his own immune system build quick antibodies.  Would also start on an oral antibiotic - sulfamethoxazine type or duramycin - 1/4 teaspoon of either mixed in a little yogurt and then thinned with water so you can orally drench him with it - twice a day for 5 days.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna

PS  Is he eating and drinking okay? The not peeing can be secondary to the bloat and/or constipation.   

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QUESTION: temp is still 101.9 he's not drinking or eating. I'm bad at math. If he is 13 pounds how does that figure by the 1/2 cup MOM and min oil....I had heard that the CDT vaccine does nothing for them after the fact but I do have that now. I'm assuming it can't hurt him and when the anti tox arrives tomorrow it will just cancel out the vaccine? Just a tad confused over conflicting info.

Thanks for the update.  Did he undergo any stress lately? This could also be pneumonia, for which the oral antibiotics might also help.  Generally no fever with pneumonia.  Would give him 1/4 cup of mineral oil to 1/4 cup of milk of magnesia - just mix and give - know that they don't mix totally well but that's okay.  Would also start on the toxoid - this does work as it gets the immune system of the goat to start making antibodies and it can sometimes save the goat - once you get the antitoxin just go ahead and give it - it does not cancel out the toxoid as what it does is stops the toxin from being discharged into the goat's system.  Would also start him on vitamin B complex (has thiamin in it) - crush one tablet and dissolve in a little hot water and just add to the yogurt along with the oral antibiotics - give twice a day for 5 days.  Hope this helps - keep me posted - Donna


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