I have 4 pygmy goats. One died last night. I am worried about one of the goats. he seems to be a bit depressed. he lost his buddy and they have been together for 8 years. he is eating and drinking, walking, etc. but I can tell he isn't quiet himself. he was there when his friend died and im sure he is hurting. he sighs and when I go to him he lets me sit with him...just a little different. the other 2 pygmy are brother and sister and we have had them for a year now. they don't seem to be as effected. even with these other 2 goats...(My depressed one, was not as close with them as the one he lost). is there anything I can do? I am spending more time with him..i heard that its not unusual for one goat to be so heartbroken that he just dies too. any suggestions would be so appreciated.

So sorry to hear of the loss.  And you are correct, goats can get depressed/sad over the loss of one of their buddies.  You can use homeopathic remedies to help with this - either Ignatia amara or Pulsatilla - these are little pellets that are taken orally - you would use 5 pellets for a goat weighing about 150 pounds, 3 pellets for less - give once and then repeat in 2 hours.  You can repeat again the next day if you'd like.  I usually put the pellets in hot water to dissolve (there will be a little sugar amount left at the bottom) and then cool and give orally.  You can also just give the pellets directly into the mouth as they dissolve quickly there - but sometimes the goat will spit them out.  Would start with the 6X type and then if not helping can switch to 30X.  Would also give this goat some vitamin D and vitamin C (human dosings) orally daily for two days to help his immune system stay strong under this stress.  Again, you would grind the tablets up or add the oil to a solution of hot water and mix well, cool and give orally.  Hope this helps - Donna

PS Your knowing that he is sad and giving him a little extra attention is a great thing too.  


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