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I have two Boer wethers, recently we split them up because on 6/21 we split them up with a chain link fence because one is gaining to much weight. After that the lighter weight goat stopped eating his pellets. He is still eating hay and drinking water.  Do not see any other signs, he did have a little diarrhea but it is back to normal.  Still runs around and plays.  He is 7 months old.  This is our first year taking the goat project in 4-H so we are up to any suggestions.

When you have one goat that is eating too much grain easiest thing to do is to put that goat on a lead and tether it so that the other skinnier goat can eat.  When the skinnier goat is done eating then you release the other goat.  The reason the one is not eating his grain/pellets is that he is stressed because of the change in area.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna


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