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QUESTION: Hi Donna , the little girl that had runs and was off her milk , made a full recovery with the Amprolium , so it was cocci . Been a while since I saw this on this farm but after my loses my first year 3 years ago , I watch for it and know the symptoms all to well , color of the poop tells it all . I have managed to obtain the Bio Sponge from the company and need to know the dosing instructions for when it is needed . One last thing a friend of mine has a little buck with cociddious , and today he dosed him with the Amprolium at 5cc per 30 lb . He got this dosing instructions from someone else . Isn't this a bit extreme ? , or can it work this way . From what I understand it's a one dose heals it all up . Thanks .

ANSWER: Glad to hear about the little one.  Color of the poop is not the only symptom though - the poop usually goes from dark green to mucous and blood within a day along with the most horrid smell of the diarrhea, not like normal diarrhea at all.  Glad you got the Bio Sponge.  It is 1/2 inch for kid goats and 1 to 3 inches (that is out on the finger, not on the plunger) for adult goats with the smaller amounts for smaller weight goats and the larger amount for bigger goats.  You cannot overdose on that anyway but also don't want to waste it.  Re the Corid/amprolium, is he orally dosing the kid goat with that amount or is he putting it in the drinking water?  Amprolium usually takes 5 consecutive days to kill the cocci and if have to use it I use the powder form not the liquid.  The issue with overdosing on amprolium is that it kills the liver of the goat and also causes thiamin deficiency, both reasons I don't use it if I possibly have a choice.  hope that helps - Donna

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QUESTION: Hi Donna , this is what I have been taught , a five day treatment , 35 cc Amprol to 77 cc apple juice to make it taste better . I dose 2 x daily at 8cc a dose , and my friend knows this , just likes to take shortcuts . He's really headstrong and I'm right , your wrong type attitude . I called him and told him what can happen so we will see . If that stuff could be used as a straight drench it would be on the label that this can be done . This info will definitely come in handy in future outbreaks . O he is dosing straight amprol 6 cc ,,, poor goat . Some people shouldn't be aloud to have animals , really pees me off . Thanks

Thanks for the info.  Actually any coccidiosis medication works better as an oral drench when the goat has the symptoms.  It is really used only to put in the water for preventative, and then that does not work very well.  An oral drench gets it to the rumen within 20 minutes.  Unfortunately most of these items we use to treat the goats have not been tested fully on goats or even at all and only experience shows good ways to use them off label.  So, I never put anything in the goat's drinking water except for the bucks and wethers every six weeks they get ammonium chloride salt with a flavoring (they like strawberry lemonade powder) as a preventative for urinary calculi, even though their diet is correct, I just do it as an extra.  Hope this helps - Donna


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