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QUESTION: i have some goats that have anemia, and plus they are losing weight because of the drought, but thank GOD we got some rain, so i was wondering how to treat the anemia, and what should i be feeding them to gain back the weight and how much. what kind of vitamins should i be supplying them. about the dewormers what types should i do and how often should i deworm them.

ANSWER: So, you are seeing anemia in their lower inner eyelids as very light pink to white color mucous membranes? Have they had any bottle jaw symptoms? What does their poop look like - is it pellets or dog like poop or?  Anemia is caused by either the barber pole worm or liver flukes and I doubt liver flukes as it has been dry where you are.  What types of hay and/or pasture do you have currently available to you?  What production of goats are these and are they does or wethers or bucks or a mix?  What ages are these?  Let me know the answers to the above questions if you would first so I have more information about the goats before giving a regimen to help them out - thanks much - let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: yes its light pink but no symptoms of bottle jaw yet thank GOD they are a mix of boer meat goats does, bucks, billies, and they browse, i was feeding sudan, and native grasses , and i had couple of goats like dog like and the rest are pellets and they are all ages from 3 months to 3 years old. what should i feed and as for hay so they can come back. thank you for your help

ANSWER: Thanks for the info.  Light pink is just on the verge of anemia and may only be due to not enough protein in their system.  You can certainly treat for barber pole worm without hurting them - use of oral horse wormer Safeguard (fenbendazole) using three times the weight of the goat to find the dose on the plunger of the syringe and then place the lock on it and give orally once a week for three weeks.  For the goats whose weight will not be on the plunger measurements because they are less weight you can use 1/2 inch onto your finger (not half inch on the plunger but a 1/2 inch amount on the finger) for 3 months and younger and for over 3 months to about 9 months or 1 year (depending on their weights) you would use 1 inch length of the squeezed out wormer, again given once a week for three weeks.  For regular intestinal worms and stomach worms (don't cause anemia, just dog like poop) use of oral horse wormer is again a good way to go - you use the Safeguard and also the Zimectrin (for either of these you can also use generic wormers with fenbendazole and ivermectin in them).  You use twice the weight of the goat to find the dose on the plunger, place the lock and give orally.  Same amount as above is given to the kid goats starting at 2 months of age.  This worming regimen is done every 2 months and you switch from one wormer to the other and back again every 2 months.  These wormers can be used on any production of goats, of course you would need at least a 96 hour withdrawal time on most all wormers before going to market.  Re getting them back to weight, use of a general pelleted 14% protein livestock feed is great for all goats.  You would start slow and work up to more as you see them doing okay with the grain.  For a regular nutrition regimen to gain weight, use of 5 to 6% of their body weight should be fed to them every day with 3/4 of this amount in hay or roughage and 1/4 in grain (a 100 pound goat would then need 5 to 6 pounds of feed a day and of that about 4 pounds of hay to 1 pound of grain for 5%.  You may have to increase to the 6% for some.  You can add things like cooking oil (one tablespoon per cup of grain) to help increase fat intake.  Re vitamins, would go with B complex, vitamin C, vitamin D to keep them healthy - I use human vitamins and use the dose for a human, crush up and either sprinkle over their grain or you can dissolve in a little water and give orally.  You might be able to find a dog or livestock vitamin mix at the feed store that would have vitamins and minerals to help their systems stay healthy.  Hope this helps - let me know.  Donna

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QUESTION: you are such an amazing helper i wanted to thank you so much, also for the feed should i add like oats or what should i add or whats a good pelleted feed for them.

Thanks much, just try to help when I can.  Re the feed - I use a feed called Farm Blend that is the pelleted feed that works well for all goats - I think most feed stores have their own farm blend type of pelleted feed available - this is usually a good price too, another good thing.  Hope this helps - Donna


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