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I would like to know if there is any thing that I can do to help rid my pasture area of suspected lice.

Here is the scenario. For the past three nights my goats would blat to come in which is unusual. So I brought them in. Today, I thoroughly cleaned the pasture and raked up old hay, etc. I put them back out and almost immediately the started to itch and rub and roll. I immediately suspected lice and inspected to which I could find it on them. I used the pour on Ivermec and within about 20 minutes all was well and I looked again to find the lice dead. I returned them to the pasture and within about 10 minutes they all started to blat and carry on again. This is now 11:30 pm by this time. So I brought them in and they settled down with out any further issue. So here is the question. Why are they only seeming to be effected at night and what can I treat the pasture with to rid it of this problem. I have had goats for many years and have never encountered this before. I have had lice, but never this only night time activity. I live in NY and last week we had an excessive amount of rain. This week it has been in the 80s and dry. I thank you for any useful help and advice you have.


Firstly I advise against any pour ons for goats - these can easily be toxic to the goats - Ivermec is not made nor tested on goats but made for cattle and sheep - reason is that goats have a very high metabolism and the cattle and sheep do not, along with cattle and sheep having much tougher skin than goats.  

The weather sounds like it is affecting the lice population, but are we sure this is lice and not mites? For a pasture the issue is that whatever you put on it to kill the lice/mites will then not allow the goats to be on it for up to 96 hours.  You can use the dog/cat type sprays they have for fleas, ticks, mites, lice.  

Would advise use of a livestock powder to dust all the goats along with dusting the barn/sleeping area.  Re dusting would be needed in about 10 days to both goats and bedding.  

Hope this helps - let me know - Donna


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