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My Goat has a cold blueish gray teat, extremely swolen, feels mushy, bloody milk to bloody clear fluid. It came on 2 days ago. I am giving her SQ injections of 4cc ProPenG as well as 5cc ProPenG into teat. Her teat is extremely swollen and is squirting liquid by itself. Her other teat quit producing milk and feels warm.  I took her very aggressive baby billy off of her two days ago.  I am not sure if she has mastitis as her teat is soft but real cold. I have treated hard teats in the past but I have never seen a blue gray cold teat with blood in it.

The color and temp of the teat sounds like this could be a gangrenous mastitis - the bloody milk and bloody clear fluid certainly is a mastitis.  Penicillin must be given intramuscularly in order to get enough antibiotics to the udder - it is 3 cc/100 pounds body weight twice a day for 7 days intramuscularly (have you given intramuscular injections before? This should be done in the rear thigh muscles).  During this time the goat also needs probiotics - powder or gel or yogurt works well once a day while on antibiotics.  Putting penicillin into the teat is a good idea.  If the teat gets darker in color and colder and harder then that teat will probably die and then slough off.  Would also use either peppermint lotion to massage the udder to get the tissues open so the penicillin will get to the bacteria.  You can also use cabbage leaves that have been boiled slightly so that you can then place them on the udder as a compress - this also helps open up the udder tissues.  Milking out the udder as much and as often as you can is also important.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna


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