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Goats/growing lump in udder


I have a LaMancha cross dairy goat that I got last year, she is about seven years old.  She came to us with a smallish lump at the top of her left teat, it has never seemed to bother her nor has it changed until a couple of days ago.  It has just recently grown and it is becoming difficult to squeeze her teat because the lump is getting in the way.  This is contained and is not visible externally.  There is no pus or sore or pimple with it.  The lump is very firm.  I'm not sure it fits the other descriptions of milk cysts that you have described to others.  Can goats get tumors or cancer in their udders.  She is in good health otherwise, the udder is not hot and her milk seems normal.  Thanks for your time and thoughts.

Hello - Is she eating and drinking normally?  What is her temperature?  Anything above 102.5 would indicate an infection.  It is possible the lump is scar tissue from previous mastitis.It is possible it is scar tissue that has infection in it and it is growing from that.  It is possible it is a cyst, too much protein can cause this.  What type of feed regimen is she on? Let me know and I will get back to you - Donna


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