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Goats/puffy swollen lower jaw


Yesterday I fed only one of my goats Dumor brand Morantel Tartrate goat dewormer.  Today she has a puffy swollen lower jaw.  It is soft and mushy, like maybe there is fluid build-up.  The other 8 goats don't seem to have anything similar, including her nursing kid.  I have used this dewormer before with no side effects.  Maybe it is not the dewormer but something else.  Any thoughts?  Have not taken her temperature yet.  Eating and drinking okay as far as I can tell.  Was pooping lumps b4 dewormer but seems to be back to "dots" now.

Oral wormers generally don't cause a reaction.  What color are her lower inner eyelids? Would definitely take a temperature as if it is over 102.5 that is a fever and that would indicate an infection.  What type of goat is she?  This also can be iodine insufficiency - is she on regular salt mix?  Let me know - Donna


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